Last Updated : 07/11/2007   
Here at Square Asociate we strive hard to bring you the very best in industrial machining equipment and more from the industrial leader SECO. The legendary innovativeness and reliability of SECO in sync with the highly acclaimed services provided by Square Asociate offers you a great chance in boosting your productivity without the hassles of procurement you would encounter elsewhere. Browse through our catalogue for an in-depth assessment of the products we offer.
SECO Milling Cutters and Inserts
SECo Turning and Threading Tool Inserts
SECO FeedMAX - Solid Carbide Drills
SECO Precimaster and Bifix Reamers
Jabro Solid Carbire Tools
SECO Easy Shrink
SecoPoint-Advanced Tool Dispensers
SecoPoint S-14
Square Conection, is a sister concern of Square Asociate and specializes in dealership of the following products:

  - Shell Industrial Lubricants.
  - L&T Messer's OxyFuel Products
  - Totem Threading Taps.
  - Totem Rotary Burrs.
  - BBBB Spring Washers.
  - M.A.Ford, Solid Carbide Endmills,      Drills and Reamers.
  - Bipico Ecclipse rnage of Hacksaws     and Bandsaws.
Sherry & Sherry, is a sister concern of Square Asociate and specializes in Industrial Adhesives & Tape products and Maintenance and Repair Products.


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