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Get what you want quickly

We(SECO) work hard to give you what you want. In this case it’s a chance to finish a job in record time. You have a modern machine, you’ve fixed it so that the component dimensions fit the latest trends in ‘near net shape’ machining. But what’s missing?

The answer is a turning insert to get from one end of the component to the other in record time, and still produce the required tolerances and surface finish.

The solution is now available.

Depth and feed

When they were first invented we decided to call these new inserts ‘wiper inserts’ and perhaps this did not paint a totally clear picture! They actually are high feed inserts with a wiper flat to maintain the surface requirements

The surface finish that you can expect from these inserts is, of course, exceptional, but it does not mean that you have to worry too much about the depth of cut.

Do it in one go!

…….or two or three, each one at high feed, the choice is yours. We don’t call them roughing or finishing cuts anymore, the finished surface is always the same…perfect!

Adding up the benefits

Depth of cut has a low impact on tool life…fact!

Feed rate has a medium impact on tool life….fact!

Cutting speed has a high impact on tool life…fact!

We noted the first two points and then designed the inserts to take one, two and even three millimetre depth of cut at class leading feed rates. And, to cover all the odds we gave them the very latest grade technology. So, even if you decide to test the wear life at high speed you can be confident that the performance will more than meet your expectations!

Read more about High Feed Turning, the insert programme and cutting data in the brochure (PDF format) by clicking on the cover.




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