Last Updated : 07/11/2007   

New QuattroMill 15 - Expanding on a good idea

Body styles for every occasion

Available in both fixed pocket and cassette style cutters, Quattro-15 offers a broad range of machining capability and flexibility. Cassette cutters provide security and economy in cases where machining conditions can place the cutter at risk - only cassettes would need replacing. Additionally, you can choose different cassettes to accommodate -09, -12 or -15 inserts depending on the operation to perform - all with the same cutter body!
Cassette bodies range from 80 mm up to 500 mm. Fixed pocket cutters range from 63 - 200 mm. Both are available in coarse, normal and close pitch versions for the highest metal removal.

Originally introduced in -09 and -12 sizes with great customer success, Seco now extends the range to include the new -15 for roughing applications. To handle the heavier cutting data, the new range of cutters uses a strong 15 mm insert in six different geometries and seven carbide grades, making it suitable for machining all materials. Depth of cut capability is up to 7,5 mm. As with the smaller -09 and -12, the new -15 is also super-positive, up to 35, ensuring very free cutting productivity, even in heavier roughing applications.




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