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Get there first
with T1000 & TK2000

More than doubles the tool life
Machining of cast iron has a new, brighter future ...
Seco now launches TK1000 and TK2000, the most powerful turning grades for the ISO-K area on the market.

The reliable duo, TK1000 and TK2000, allows you to achieve higher productivity, without sacrificing reliability. TK1000 and TK2000 are a new generation of grades specially developed for cast iron turning with excellent reliability, improved cutting data and increased tool life.

Predictable machining of cast iron
Even the very latest cast irons have problems with consistency, they can vary from batch to batch and often within the same batch. In the past this has caused unreliable machining conditions and reduced tool life.

The new grades, TK1000 and TK2000, are optimised to deliver high performance regardless of the variations in material quality.

TK1000 is classified as an ISO K10 and P05 grade. The main target area for TK1000 is applications where the primary demands are high-speed capability and wear resistance in machining of both grey- and ductile iron. The specially designed properties of TK1000 also make it an excellent alternative for the turning of hard and abrasive steels.


  • High speeds
  • Dry machining
  • Cast irons - hard and abrasive alloys
  • Peak productivity

TK2000 is classified as an ISO K20 and P15 grade. The main target area for TK2000 is applications where the primary demands are toughness and reliability in machining of both ductile- and grey iron. Due to the combination of superior edge toughness with a tough and wear resistant coating on TK2000, it makes it possible to achieve peak performance even under unstable conditions and severe interrupted cuts. TK2000 has also proven to be an excellent choice when machining soft ductile steels and applications where a good surface finish is required.


  • Interrupted cuts
  • High feeds
  • Cast irons - soft and ductile steels
  • Reliability and versatility

Read more about TK1000 and TK2000 in
the “Get there first” brochure:

Get There First Brochure English (PDF 140k)



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