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Seco TP1000

Reliability is the key to a successful relationship

TP1000 represents a new generation in grade design.
It is developed for steel turning in the P05 - P15 area with high productivity in focus.
It is suitable for well optimised machining applications in the mass production and large batch production areas.
The new substrate provides excellent plastic deformation resistance and edge toughness.
The new coating provides superior crater and flank wear resistance and edge strength.
This brings outstanding tool life and reliability in a unique combination.

TP1000 is available in a large range of inserts with modern geometries.

Facts about TP1000

Outstanding wear resistance and toughness brings long and predictable tool life.

  • Suitable for fast and dry machining
  • Suitable for optimisation of the cutting process in mass and large batch production
  • Suitable for unmanned machining

Substrate is gradient sintered with a very hard interior and a very tough surface area. Brings excellent plastic deformation resistance needed for high cutting speeds and excellent edge toughness for best reliability.

Coating made with CVD / MTCVD technique (Chemical Vapour Deposition / Moderate Temperature Chemical Vapour Deposition).

Ti(C,N) brings superior adhesion and edge strength for best reliability.

Al2O3 brings an effective thermal barrier needed for high cutting speeds and dry machining.

Ti(C,N) brings outstanding resistance to flank and crater wear for long unmanned machining time.

TiN is the yellow coloured top layer which also makes it easier to determine the wear on the insert.

Read more about TP1000, the insert programme and cutting data in the TP1000 document (PDF format) by clicking on the cover.



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