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Seco TP2000

Override your limits in Steel Turning

TP2000 speeds up the batch operations of steel components to a new level.
A new coating design has been used together with a new manufacturing technique for the carbide substrate. The
toughness of TP2000 is comparable with many ISO P30 grades. At the same time the wear and heat resistance is comparable to an ISO P20 grade!
TP2000 created to give the perfect combination of heat resistance and edge strength for reliable batch production at high machining speeds.

Peak Performance in Steel Turning

Productivity and reliability are the key words for TP2000.

Productivity - Higher speed capacity through thermal barrier coating technology and a substrate with great resistance to plastic deformation, gives higher speeds and longer tool life.

Reliability - High edge strength and excellent adhesion between substrate and coating results in a predictable wear pattern.

Our ability to produce identical high quality inserts makes your results come out as good every time.

The verstatile grade for Steel Turning

20035075The right combination of cutting tool material and edge geometry leads to the perfect cutting tool for a specific application. It is possible to cover the majority of steel turning applications with this state of the art grade.

When cycle time is in focus and conditions for the turning application are favourable, TP1000 is the choice.
The substrate of TP1000 is even more heat resistant than TP2000 making it withstand even higher speeds.

TP2000 is designed to be the first choice in the majority of steel turning operations. The wear resistance in combination with high toughness gives a grade that is reliable in a wide range of turning applications often at elevated speeds.

Read more about TP2000, the insert programme and cutting data in the TP2000 document (PDF format) by clicking on the cover.







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