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Seco TP3000

TP3000 now joins TP1000 and TP2000 to complete the launch of Seco’s new generation of turning inserts. TP3000 is the toughest of the new grade developments.

TP3000 is classified as an ISO P30 and M25 grade and satisfies all applications where the primary demand is for toughness and exceptional reliability in machining steels and stainless steels.

The properties designed into TP3000 along with suitable chipbreaker geometries provide excellent reliability at high cutting data. Superior core toughness and high wear resistance give peak performance even under unstable conditions and severe interrupted cuts.

Wide variations in machinability from one batch of materials to another are easily accommodated by using TP3000 giving the minimum of disruption to the manufacturing process.

Due to its superior edge strength TP3000 is produced with a sharper cutting edge than normally expected from this category of insert grade. A sharper edge reduces the likelihood of built up edge when machining materials such as soft ductile steels and stainless steels especially where cutting speed is limited.


The “Triple-Zero” - grades from Seco represent a new generation in grade design. They are developed for steel turning with high productivity in focus. They are suitable for well optimized machining applications in the mass production and large batch production areas as well as difficult-to-machine components in small batches. The new substrate and coating design provides a superior toughness and wear resistance.

• Interrupted cuts
• High feeds
• Steels, Stainless steels and cast irons
• Reliability and versatility

Field tests

As with all new Seco products TP3000 has undergone exhaustive testing in real machining situations around the world. TP3000 has shown consistent and dominant performance in a wide range of applications and workpiece materials.

A common problem for the metal cutting industry is workpiece materials with uneven machinability between different batches. This variation can often destroy all plans to complete production targets due to the often large and unpredictable variations in tool life. This is where TP3000 really sets the pace in new grade developments by reaching previously unachievable levels of reliability in all kinds of materials.

Tough materials
TP3000 is classified as an ISO P30 and M25 grade. The main target area for TP3000 is applications where the primary demands are toughness and reliability in machining both steels and stainless steels. When machining tough material e.g. stainless steels, the specially designed properties of TP3000 in combination with suitable chipbreaker geometry will provide excellent reliability and tool life beyond the capabilities of previous and present products.


Read more about TP3000, the insert programme and cutting data in the TP3000 brochure (PDF format) by clicking on the cover.



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