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No regrinding. Easy to handle. Reduces costs.

No one has been able to design a cost-efficient drill with replaceable edges.
Until now.
Using ground-breaking technology and creative design solutions, Seco has created the CrownLoc - a drill that matches brazed drills for precision and performance, but saves time, effort and costs.
Think of the impact this will have on your business. Less spent on regrinding, administration, purchasing and back-up inventory costs - all for the price of one Seco CrownLoc. You will also boost productivity, as you did when the indexable insert tool appeared on the market and replaced brazed turning tools.

One body + Several crown diameters = Increased flexibility

Until now, drilling a new hole a fraction of a millimetre larger or smaller, required buying a whole new drill. Not very cost-efficient, especially for jobs with a small number of holes.
With the Seco CrownLoc, however, you can drill a new hole using the same drill. Just change the crown. Say you've just drilled a 14.50 mm hole, and need to drill a 14.90 mm hole. Replace the crown with one which has the required diameter and use the same drill.

Just change the crown in the holder. No resetting.

Obviously, changing the crown is simpler than changing the whole drill. It's simple. Just release the clamping screw, unscrew the old crown, mount a new one and tighten the clamping screw. Simple. And furthermore, its precision is so accurate that no resetting is necessary.

Same precision as brazed drills - but even better performance

The solid carbide drill crown has finally solved the precision problems that arise when using exchangeable tips for small diameter drills.
The k7 close diameter tolerance, self-centring geometry, exact positioning and rigid clamping of the carbide crown gives you precise holes with tolerances that match brazed carbide drills.
Seco CrownLoc offers superior metal removal rates and long tool life thanks to a new carbide grade and geometries specially developed for all drilling conditions.

‘New drill’ cutting data after every change. No reprogramming necessary.

Reground drills do not match the cutting data of a new drill. Most machine shops use ‘reground’ settings to be on the safe side.
You also have to rely on the grinder for the secure operation of the drill.
These problems are now history. With a Seco CrownLoc you always have new, consistently performing edges and guaranteed secure drilling at optimal settings.

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