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feedMAX - Solid Carbide Drills
Highest productivity with Seco solid carbide drill. Due to the new superior quality drill Seco can help you improve your productivity by as much as 100%. Saving money and time. feedMAX offering drills in diameter range 3-20 mm. The self-centring geometry gives quality holes without pre- or finishing operations necessary. The low friction TiAlN coating secures good performance in a wide range of materials as well as an exceptional tool life. The high productivity together with the long tool life gives excellent total machining economy when using feedMAX solid Carbide drill.   

Brazed Carbide Tipped Drills
Brazed carbide tipped drills in diameters 9,85-32,10 mm for drilling quality holes without any finishing operations. Self centring geometry with a TiN coated P25 micro grain carbide gives good chip control and tool life in most workpiece materials.
Coolant through the drills for safe chip evacuation.

Seco CrownLoc
Drill precision holes at low cost in the hole diameter range from 12 to 25,99 mm with Seco CrownLoc. The exchangable crowns cut all your regrinding costs. With every change of crown, a new one guarantees long and predictable tool life. Exchangable crowns also allow for high cutting speeds reducing machining cost. Optimised geometries for different workpiece materials; steel, stainless steel and cast iron, complete the advantages with the CrownLoc system.

Perfomax Indexable Drills
The Perfomax range of indexable drills, in diameters 15-80 mm, is based on long experience and the very latest technological advances in drilling. Strong square inserts for good machining economy, a rigid drill body and good chip flow enable the drills to handle high metal removal rates. The drills can be used both in rotating and non-rotating applications. A unique chip path configuration reduces noise and vibration. Drilling depths from 2 x D to 5 x D.

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    perfoMAX - Indexable Drilling Redefined




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