Last Updated : 07/11/2007   


The Easyshrink guide is available here for download.


Modular design
A wide range of modules permits the build-up of a Shrinkfit device meeting the customerís specific requirements.

Automatic heating cycles
The required heating cycles are automatically calculated by a holder recognition system.

Height setting using stop rods
Using stop rods instead of stop screws eliminates the risk of tool inaccuracies as well as vibrations and unbalance caused by a
loose screw.
The heating module with height measuring, used in combination with stop rods, achieves precise cutting edge length setting from the gauge

Rotary plate
The multi-station support box with a rotary plate avoids any contact with hot holders.

Air and water cooling
Forced air cooling is achieved by ventilator fans fitted to all support boxes as standard.
Refrigerated water cooling bells give the fastest cooling time.



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