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feedMAX - Solid Carbide Drill


Thanks to the unique combination of latest carbide coating and geometry technology, feedMAX provides up to a 100% productivity
gain in carbon steel. (TiAl)N coated carbide secures excellent
performance and tool life in a wide range of materials with
exceptional machining economy.


The light cutting drill is both safe and reliable, due to the high
strength carbide. It has been developed with improved chip evacuation in mind by making use of the low friction coating. The self centring geometry gives high quality holes without any pre- or finishing operations necessary.



The new solid carbide drill from Seco is a high performance drill that provides both higher cutting speed and increased feed. It is capable of
machining at speeds well above other carbide drills, and it will increase the total tool life. These drills handle a wide range of applications in a wide range of materials. The productivity is improved both through higher feed and higher speed and reduced tool-change downtime.

With feedMAX you will get:

  • High feed per rev - up to 0,7 mm/rev.
  • High cutting speed - up to Vc 220 m/min


    Seco Tools has a very wide range of high quality solid carbide drills, feedMAX is available in range 3xD, 5xD and 7xD. Diameter range from 3-20 mm.
    feedMAX offers high-precision drilling in any kind of material. The standard geometry is used for drilling steel, cast iron and stainless steel.
    The M-geometry is suitable for heat resistant materials and super alloys.



    feedMAX, for highest productivity 
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