Last Updated : 07/11/2007   

The modern face milling cutter range
Now complete with the new Hexamill

Seco has one of the widest and most competitive ranges of face milling cutters and inserts on the market.

  • For small machines up to 10-12 kW where small components/depth of cuts are used R220.13-09 or Octomill 05 is the “first choice”
  • For medium sized machines 10-20 kW Octomill 07 is the one to use
  • For bigger machines minimum 15 kW and stronger the new Hexamill cutter is a perfect choice

The latest component in this range Hexamill - makes the programme of modern face milling cutters complete. Hexamill 220.66-12, with hexagon shaped inserts fits an application area above Octomill.
This system is intended for machining centres and similar types of machines with minimum 20 kW power and minimum ISO 50 taper size.

The new HPMN/R 1206 inserts have six cutting edges. This makes them a very economical alternative due to low price per edge compared to conventional face milling inserts.
The cassettes for these inserts can be fitted in the new CM cutter body (diameter range 63-315 mm) and the existing CH/CHT cutter bodies (diameter range 160/125-315 mm).
The new CM cutter body can also be fitted with cassettes for SP1906 inserts for D.O.C. over 8 mm. The designation will then be 220.60-19.
The 220.66/60 cutters are available in both normal and close pitch versions from diameter 160 to 315 mm.
The 220.66/60 cutters can be provided with wiper inserts when extreme surface finish is required.
The 220.66/60 cutters can be also used for turn milling. Then the cutters must be equipped with at least one wiper insert.

The face milling cutter programme from 220.43-05 (Octomill) for small depth of cut to 220.60-28 for real heavy duty machining.

The section in our Machining Navigator Milling describing our range of face milling cutters starts on page 24.



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