Last Updated : 07/11/2007   


Seco is well-known for its wide, innovative and powerful range of milling cutters and inserts for milling in almost any work material - from soft steel or easy-to-machine aluminium to difficult-to-machine super alloys.

The milling cutters and inserts represent a comprehensive range for all applications - from milling of small components in small machining centres to heavy-duty-milling in high power milling machines - in face milling, square shoulder milling, slot milling with disc mills, pocket milling with drilling end mills, contour milling with end mills and helical mills, copy milling and a lot of other operations as plunging, thread milling, spot facing, radii milling, chamfer milling etc.


To check out the various types of milling tools from SECO that we offer please click on the category below.




    Disc mill 335.18a

    High Feed Cutter

    New Thread Milling cutters

    T200M and T35OM

    New Ball Nose cutter R21820


    Thread Smart Milling

    QuattroMill 15



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