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With the Minimaster system Seco has one of the widest and most competitive ranges of small tools on the market.

Its in fact the most versatile and flexible system on the market today with over 600 combinations and possibilities per size, MM06-MM16, including tools for producing slots, square shoulder milling, centre drilling, chamfering, double angle chamfering, plunging and copy milling both with carbide, CBN and PCD. And it is a system with maximum stability thanks to the rich offering of shank types and lengths. Its always possible with Minimaster to optimise between accessibility and stability in the machining process.

The Minimaster system is growing and new items this year are:

  1. 3-flute inserts for copy milling
  2. Double angle chamfer inserts
  3. Plunge milling inserts
  4. Improved coating of all grades

3 flute Copy milling inserts

In the new Machining Navigator Milling the full range of 3-flute ball nose inserts (B90) diameter 6 - 20 mm have been added. There are three types for each diameter -E, -M, and D.

-E geometry are mainly intended for semi-finishing and finishing.
-M and D geometries are intended for roughing operations.

Double angle chamfer inserts

The double angle chamfer inserts are available for MM06 in 8 mm and MM12 in 16 mm, which allows chamfering of both sides on a vertical slot with the same tool. There are two types of these inserts: 45 and 30.

Plunge milling inserts

Plunging inserts are also new in the Minimaster program. Two different versions -PL and PLP are available.
PL is intended for roughing operations and is available from MM06 - MM16.
PLP is intended for finishing operations and both types give best possible performance depending on duty.

Plunging is a fast grooving milling method and the plunging inserts are perfect when long overhang is used due to that the cutting forces are in the axial direction where it is most stable.

Improved coating on all Minimaster grades

All cemented carbide grades for Minimaster (F30M, F40M, T60M and F15M) have a new, more wear resistant coating. The coating consists of (Ti, Al)N (titanium aluminium nitride) with a high aluminium content, 70 %.

This means that the new coating manages higher temperatures and the inserts can be used at higher cutting speeds and/or for dry machining.

Download the Minimaster brochure (in PDF format) by clicking on the cover.





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