Last Updated : 07/11/2007   

Need to improve your drilling productivity?
The new perfoMAX from Seco is your answer.

perfoMAX is the most complete and advanced indexable insert drilling system on the market today. With a range of drills from 15 mm to 59 mm diameters and drilling depth capabilities of 2XD, 3XD, 4XD and 5XD, perfoMAX is the industry's number one choice for productivity and economy.

Like no other range of indexable insert drills, all perfoMAX drills use square inserts to provide the distinct advantage of a strong 90 corner and the economy of four cutting edges.

perfoMAX is designed to be very rigid to handle high feed rates and is ideal for tough and even unstable applications. To attack the problems of chip control, perfoMAX offers three important advantages: A revolutionary new low friction coating to increase lubricity;through-coolant holes on every drill positioned for optimum delivery to the cutting edge and to flush chips out of the hole; and large chip flutes engineered specifically to aid in the flow away from the workpiece.

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Sounds interesting? Download the perfoMAX brochure (in PDF format) by clicking on the cover.



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