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Precimaster - Bifix
A complete range dedicated to reaming operations

Seco Precimaster is a disposable reamer head, simple in design, effective, accurate, modular and adjustment free. Available in sizes from 9,75 to 32 mm, Seco Precimaster offers internal through coolant.

Composed of a body and a coated brazed carbide removable head, the clamping system guarantees high precision and the repeatability
required to achieve H7 tolerance.

Seco Bifix is a high precision indexable blade reamer suitable for
all material groups. The range covers diameters from 5,90 mm to 60,50 mm.

A hole tolerance of H6 and a surface finish of Ra 0,25 can be achieved thanks to a design incorporating
3 cermet guide pads and an accurate adjusting system. The original clamping design guarantees an efficient and stable blade clamping. Seco Bifix also includes internal through coolant channels.


Interested to read more, download the Precimaster-Bifix catalogue (in PDF-format) by clicking on the cover.





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