Last Updated : 07/11/2007   
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SECO Milling Cutters and Inserts
Products include a wide, innovative and powerful range of milling cutters and inserts for milling in almost any work material - from soft steel or easy-to-machine aluminium to difficult-to-machine super alloys.
SECO Turning and Threading Tool Inserts
The Seco range of coated and uncoated turning inserts, supplemented with the Snap Tap range of inserts for threading, parting-off comprises nearly 4000 standard insert products and more than 1000 toolholders.
SECO FeedMAX - Solid Carbide Drills
Highest productivity with Seco solid carbide drill. Due to the new superior quality drill Seco can help you improve your productivity by as much as 100%. Saving money and time.
SECO Precimaster and Bifix Reamers
Seco Precimaster is a disposable reamer head, simple in design, effective, accurate, modular and adjustment free.
Seco Bifix is a high precision indexable blade reamer suitable for all material groups.

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