Last Updated : 07/11/2007   



SECOMAX PCD is a cost saving cutting tool especially designed for higher productivity and longer tool life. A tool for both hard and tough materials as well as for soft abrasive materials such as plastics, graphite, copper, and brass.

PCD Features

The combination of diamond in a polycrystalline form offers a formidable cutting tool offering superb hardness and therefore, wear resistance, coupled with excellent toughness thanks to its polycrystalline structure.  In addition, diamond has the highest thermal conductivity of all cutting materials, allowing quick heat transfer from the cutting edge.With the exception of PCD’s high affinity with iron, PCD does not bond with work piece materials, so under correct cutting parameters, build-up edge is minimal. All Secomax PCD tools have the rake faces mirror polished to provide the lowest friction coefficient and smooth cutting edges.

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