Last Updated : 07/11/2007   

SecoPoint Triple S14: Part of Seco Business Solutions

Seco proudly presents the latest innovation in Point of Use systems; The Triple S14.                                                          

Being less than half the height of previous drawers, the Triple S14 is the most efficient solution for storing drills and solid end mills. The system is also ideal for storing small insert boxes. A curved wedge in the drawer makes it easier than ever to reach tools.  

The Triple S14 is assembled using the standard 24 lid SecoPoint-configuration, compatible with all other SecoPoint systems.  As the name suggests, the cabinet contains 14 Drawers, 75 mm deep. This provides 336 positions for storing products.

The Triple S14 works well on its own, using a SupplyLink controller. Should you already have a SecoPoint setup and need just an extra Triple S14, the system will integrate completely into your current configuration. 

During the testing of the new cabinet, customers were impressed with the functionality of the system, and the flexibility it provides; like being able to store both tools and inserts using the same drawers.

Contact your Seco Tools retailer or representative today for further information on this revolution in tool control. 


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